Boundaries and pizza

I have been experiencing some challenges communicating with a close friend recently. Challenges which arise from the crossing of personal boundaries. Boundary setting is not something I am strong at unfortunately; I have worked hard in recent years to learn to vocalize and protect my own boundaries because I’m a people pleaser and I hate letting anyone down. But I do understand the importance of boundaries to protect my own wellbeing, and have come to realize no one will automatically recognize or respect my boundaries, rather it is up to me to assert them. Ouch. Continue reading

From the outside in

Don’t judge a book by its cover, assumption is the mother of all F ups, there’s more than meets the eye, just the tip of the iceberg. So many phrases we use often but rarely manage to adhere to. But they all amount to the same thing – advice to look beneath the surface. Because what we see on the outside rarely reflects what someone is experiencing on the inside. Continue reading

As sure as sex and death

I have often been fascinated by what topics of conversation are acceptable and what make people uncomfortable. In my world (which granted is a rare and subjective place) no topic should be off the table. Because as soon as you feel you can’t talk about something, the more weight it carries. The more effect it has on you and the more people wonder about it and dwell on it. Continue reading

The birthday list

Some of you may know I recently had a birthday. Recently being yesterday. Despite the fact that I do not particularly relish the aging process, I still have the mind of a six-year-old child and want to celebrate birthdays (and Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Pancake Day, Solstice…basically any day with a ‘Day’ at the end of it) with the energy of a thousand burning suns. Because life is short so why wouldn’t we take any opportunity to celebrate and bring a little extra colour to our world?! Continue reading

The truth…in small doses

I have never been particularly interested in blogging about films I’ve seen, or interesting anecdotes about my day, or travel, or food, or anything marginally trendy. I’ve only ever been drawn to write about deeply personal things, feelings, and experiences. Which is why there are often long gaps between my posts, because sometimes it’s impossible to do that without sharing something intimate or private that also affects someone else who might not want to share so openly. Continue reading