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‘As Sheena, Tracey Rimell is a convincing drunk, her manic carving of the turkey (accompanied with words that possibly go some way to smashing this patriarchal society) one of the best-executed moments of the night.’ Ox Magazine, Rules For Living

Tracey Rimell as the daughter Helene was pitch-perfect between pathos and righteousness as she finally confronted her father…” – Daily Info, Festen

“…special notice should be given to Tracey Rimell in the leading role, who conveyed her character’s complex inner journey with a remarkably expressive face — and good deal of wit.”Daily Info, Blue Stockings

Tracey Rimell (Tess) who played the protagonist did a wonderful job of portraying the struggle between the desire to be in love and her love of her subject.”The Oxford Student, Blue Stockings

“Particular praise is due to Tracey Rimell, whose role as the protagonist Tess Moffat required not only compassion and wit, but also raw fury, passion and anger, all of which were delivered beautifully.”The Oxford Culture ReviewBlue Stockings

Well cast…Tracey Rimell is an excellent foil as placid Stella.” – The Oxford TimesA Streetcar Named Desire